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About the Project
Screen adaptation of the documentary bestseller by Oleg Shishkin

"ROERICH. The true story of the Russian Indiana Jones"

This large-scale multinational film project to be filmed in Russia, India and Mongolia involves participation of movie stars and filmmakers from these countries.
Art is humanity's best ambassador
Nicholas Roerich
Academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts
The documentary series about the outstanding Russian artist and world public figure Nicholas Roerich was conceived on the eve of his 150th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2024. As the first stage of this major international documentary co-production will be actively covered by mass-media to give a positive image of Russia. Next is full-length international co-production feature biopic to reveal multi-faceted talents of this amazing Russian figure of world culture.

GENRE: Biographical detective story
Scriptwriter: Oleg Shishkin
Director: Ilya Khotinenko
Producer: Artemy Belov / C.C.C.P. Studio

• Documentary film — 52 minutes
• Documentary TV series — 8 episodes, 26 minutes each
• Feature film — 110 minutes
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Let the pursuit of beauty be our daily prayer... The search for beauty is what will bring people together and save the world.
Svyatoslav Roerich
Russian and Indian artist, the son of Nicholas Roerich
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For questions of cooperation and partnership, write to:
  • Ilya Khotinenko
    Documentary series director
    Member of the Guild of Film Directors of Russia, producer, screenwriter, actor, has directed more than 40 projects for Russian cinema and TV as a production director (more than 200 episodes). Prize-winner of film festivals. Member and of the famous cinematic dynasty.
  • Oleg Shishkin
    Writer, Showrunner
    Writer, TV presenter, archivist, lecturer at the Russian Historical Society and Russian Geographical Society. He authored 14 books and produced documentary series and films for VGTRK, Channel 1, TVC. He is the popular host of the program "Mysteries of Humanity with Oleg Shishkin" on Ren-TV.
  • Artemy Belov
    General Producer
    Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, member of the Headquarters of the Cultural Front of Russia, director and producer of more than 80 documentaries and feature films commissioned by the VGTRK, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government, the FSUE Gosconcert, etc. General producer of the Mosfilm-based C.C.C.P. Studio and Sergei Solovyov's Cinema Line Studio
  • Purnima Anand
    Executive Producer of BRICS
    President of the BRICS International Forum, Honorary President of the International Federation of Indian-Russian Youth Clubs (IFIRYC) at the Russian Center for Science and Culture under the program for the development of spiritual and moral culture of the younger generation in Russia and India.
  • Evgeny Zykov
    Producer, international coordinator, translator
    Russian publisher, journalist, linguist. More than 30 years in the film business: promoter, producer, screenwriter. He has made more than 20 feature films and documentaries with foreign producers. Translated subtitles for 30 films into English and Italian. Coordinated and promoted international cultural and book projects.
  • Evgeniy Saliev
    Associate Producer
    In production activity since 2003. Producer of musical and theatrical productions, including abroad. Co-producer of the exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery. One of the founders of the current museum of contemporary author's photography "Gallery on Mosfilm".
  • Dimitri Devyatkin
    Producer and Writer
    American film and video producer, and screenwriter. Author of award-winning historical screenplays, producer of internationally broadcast TV documentaries, line producer on six Russian feature films, including Sergei Soloviev's and Leonid Gadai's last films. TV news producer with CBS News, ABC Television network, pioneer video artist, director at The Kitchen in New York City (1971-1973)
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  • Providing materials (information)
  • International contacts
  • Anyone interested to participate in the film making
  • Focus on cultural heritage of Russia
    Roerich was not only a brilliant artist, but also a researcher, archaeologist, and collector aimed to protect our cultural heritage, organize expeditions to the ancient places of Rus' to study and preserve historical objects. The film about his life and work draws attention to the importance of preserving cultural values.
  • Promoting peace and unity
    Roerich believed that cross-culture exchange in the world can only prosper in peace and unity. He authored international Pact of Peace and Unity, which was signed by dozens of countries. He also designed the flag to symbolize peace and unity. By sharing his philosophy, we promote peace and unity as humanistic values that should be important for every person.
  • Inspiration
    Roerich devoted his life to creativity and the search for truth. His ideas and philosophy can be a source of inspiration for people who want to develop and realize own potential.
  • Education
    Roerich was an encyclopedically educated man who was always interested in various sciences and cultures. Within the framework of our project, we plan to organize a series of lectures and educational events, which we are under preparation together with state museums and libraries in Russia.
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